Meet The Team

Meet Our Team

Doctor Albasan

Dr. Hasan Albasan | DVM, MSc, PHD

Dr. Albasan graduated from Veterinary School in Turkey. Then he enrolled in a graduate program at the University of Minnesota. After completing his MSc and PhD degrees in Veterinary Clinical Sciences Department, College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Minnesota, Dr. Albasan continued working with his mentors Drs Carl Osborn and Jody Lulich.

At the University of Minnesota, Dr. Albasan, along with his mentors, designed and implemented many clinical and experimental studies on urolithiasis. Application of laser lithotripsy and its comparison with cystotomy published in JAVMA are among the first clinical studies in the field of non-invasive treatment of uroliths in dogs. Dr. Albasan has a number of publications, including the discovery of in vitro urinary crystal formation in prestigious scientific journals as well as books. He presented a variety of his research findings at the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM) Forum meetings.

Dr. Albasan has special interests in veterinary nephrology and urology as well as internal medicine, including acute kidney diseases, kidney failure, holmium laser lithotripsy, ectopic ureter, cystoscopy, voiding hydrouropulsion, urethral stent, peritoneial and hemodialysis, etc,. He is a long-time member of the American Society of Veterinary Nephrology and Urology (ASVNU) as well as a committee member of ASVNU Research Committee. Dr. Albasan recently enrolled in the Hemodialysis Academy.

doctor clark

Dr. Teri Clark | VMD

Dr. Clark was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and grew up just outside the city. She attended Duke University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. She then spent two years as a Peace Corps volunteer in Africa. On her return, she worked briefly for the Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game before beginning vet school at the University of Pennsylvania, School of Veterinary Medicine. She was awarded a Veterinariae Medicinae Doctoris in 2002.

Dr Clark worked for the United States Dept. of Agriculture and the Inland Valley Humane Society before settling into companion animal practice, where she has remained for the past 15 years. She is married with 2 children and a menagerie of cats and dogs.


Darlene | Registered Veterinary Technician

Darlene began her journey in the veterinary field in 2008. Her first position was in the kennel area where she then moved along to veterinary assisting. In 2013, she attended a veterinary technician program in Lake Forest, CA. Following graduation she obtained her RVT license and has furthered her career in this field.

Darlene has gained experience in general practice, shelter medicine and emergency medicine. Darlene loves every part of her job as it always stays interesting and exciting. There is always something to learn with ever evolving medicine. Darlene’s favorite part of working with your fur babies is giving them the utmost love and care while they are receiving treatments, recovering from surgery or are just afraid to be away from their families.

In her spare time, Darlene enjoys spending her time with her family, friends and furbabies. She also loves to read, dance and sing!


Cristina | Veterinary Assistant

Cristina has known she wanted to work with animals since the age of five. Continuing her pursuit to work with animals, she found herself earning an Associate’s Degree in Veterinary Technology from Platt College, graduating in 2016.

In her spare time, Cristina enjoys spending time with friends and family.


Nikki | Veterinary Assistant

Nikki graduated from Carrington College in 2014 and has been working in the field ever since. Nikki is excited to be back to work after having her son and being a stay at home mom. She is continuing to learn and gain more experience in this field.

In her spare time Nikki loves to spend time with her family, going off roading and baking!


Alexandria | Veterinary Assistant

An El Monte native, Alexandria started her journey in the veterinary field as just a kennel attendant in 2015. Since then her passion and desire in veterinary medicine has only grown stronger.

Alexandria’s future plans are to go to school and earn her RVT license. Her spare time is spent either hiking in the early mornings, or cooking & baking.


Cindy | Veterinary Assistant

Since she was young, Cindy became passionate about helping animals. Cindy started with rescuing stray cats in her community.  She is working on her Biology and Zoology degree at Cal Poly Pomona to continue her career in the veterinary field.

Cindy enjoys spending time with her cat Tux, watching horror movies, and listening to music.


Jillian | Client Service Specialist

Jillian has always had a passion for helping people and pets. Jillian graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a Bachelor of Science in Health Science. She fell even more in love with the veterinary field when it introduced her to her senior rescue dog, Winnie.

Jillian loves taking care of her plants, walking her dogs, and the company of friends/family!


Alina | Client Service Specialist

Alina was born with a natural love for animals. She spent summers volunteering at different animal facilities. She has experience working with companion animals as well as livestock.  Alina is currently doing independent studies online to become a veterinary technician.

On her free time, she enjoys going on outings with her dogs, Laika and Issa and exploring new places.